Future whole-body
cryotherapy -110°C

New: -110 °C Cryotherapy. Effective and Comfortable!
“Thanks to digitalisation and the latest Panacool high technologies, proof shows that whole-body cryotherapy is even more effective and comfortable than ever. That is why, we as doctors are now also using this short yet extremely effective -110°C cryotherapy more and more in the fields of Medicine, Sport and Beauty!

Elegant Design, Low Footprint, Easy to Operate.

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Why -110°C Cryotherapy?

Over 90% of all studies show that only a temperature of -110°C achieves the desired health effects in the areas of medicine, sport and beauty. Panacool International has therefore also specialised in this proven study “optimal effect” in cooperation with clinics, medical communities, Olympic and sports centres, rehabilitation facilities and the uppermost advanced health resorts.

Panacool Special Cryotherapy -110°C

Over 50 applications in the areas of medicine, sport and beauty can already be treated with this recognised effective temperature of -110°C. Important Information: The latest Panacool technologies with the high performing -110°C temperature, offers a great level of application comfort.

In addition, Panacool focuses on ongoing research into new areas of application, all of which our Panacool customers benefit from. Regular exchanges with our network ensures that the latest findings can be circulated regularly from doctors, clinics, medical technology companies, health resorts, top wellness hotels, sports, physiotherapy and rehabilitation centres and beauty clinics. Our clients also benefit from our medical background in the Panaceo International Pharma and Medicine Group.

Your Advantage: New findings are always communicated exclusively to our customers, who can therefore continuously improve their consulting expertise and service quality.

State-of-the-Art Show and Test Centre

Panacool International is the only manufacturer to offer its customers a show and test centre. Find out here in a multimedia presentation  – free of charge and without obligation  –  the latest information on whole-body cryotherapy -110°C including all technical details on whole-body cryotherapy cabins, the procedure of cooling therapies, the most important areas of application in the fields of medicine, sport and beauty, the attainable therapy prices, popular and proven marketing strategies. And much more …

Fascination Cryo-Therapies -110°C “live”

Experience the new cryo-therapies -110°C “live”, on your own body, in our show and test centre room. Self test in the latest cryochamber and experience the pleasant Panacool comfort cold -110°C. Let yourself be pleasantly surprised by the new convection technology “without” air motion.

Important Information! As this is a new and unfamiliar area to you, its particularly important that all your information needs at met without any sales pressure. That way you’ll have a sound basis to help you make a successful decision. We will help you with this!

Be sure to test the high application comfort of our -110°C whole-body cryotherapy-cabins.
Please let us know the date you would like to visit us:
Tel.: +43 (0) 4257-93080
Mail: office@panacool.com


We would like to invite you and your companion(s) to a cryotherapy -110°C viewing in our show and test centre. Experience the effect of the new whole-body cryotherapy “live”, on your own body in the Panacool cryocabin. Find out why this new health development is turning into a mega trend. Discover new opportunities now!

-110°C application becomes a health experience

Users enter the cabin in swimwear or tight-fitting underwear. The ears are covered with a cap, headband or headphones, the respiratory tract with a mouth/nose protection and hands and feet are protected with gloves and socks or shoes.

Due to the purpose-made large Panacool glass panels, a liberating feeling follows you throughout the short application in our state-of-the-art cryocabins. The two doors can be opened by the user from the inside and outside at any time.

Those who try it are fascinated. Most of our users come out of the -110°C comfort-short-cryotherapy application with a youthful glow and a very broad smile. Every therapy is always a new and exciting health experience!

Your gift

To show our appreciation in a Panacool cryotherapy treatment we will be pleased to present you with the new health book “Zukunft Ganzkörper Kälte-Medizin -110°” (Future Whole-Body Cryotherapy -110°), as well as a complimentary health box.

Training and Introduction

Training can be carried out on either your premises or in our show and training centre.

Your team will learn about the cryotherapy -110°C procedure and the deliberate simple operation of the whole-body cryocabin. In addition, the most important areas of treatment in the three large target groups of medicine, sport and beauty are explained.

Exclusive: Panacoolcustomers can subsequently contact the Panacool medical helpline at any time for questions that arise from their customers. As a Panacool customer, doctors and qualified medical specialists are available to provide information at no extra cost.

This not only provides a sense of security, but will assist you in increasing your competence and knowledge in this rapidly growing health trend..

Give us a call. We will be glad to assist you!

Doctors helplines

On the “safe side” with Panacool…

Experience shows that questions always come up! That’s why the exclusive service of Panacool is beneficial to you. Due to the enormity of such large target groups in the medical, sport and beauty industries, it is inevitable that specific and specialist questions directed to you will arise. E.g. Is the cryochamber suitable for children? What are the age limits? How many treatments for sleep disorders? Should athletes use the cryochamber before or after their performances? How long will the pain relief last? – and much more. With Panacool, you and your customers will get to know all the right answers. We are here for you!

Doctors Helpline 

Do you or your client have a  medical question regarding cryotherapy, which cannot be answered directly by yourselves? Don’t worry, you won’t be alone and have our support. Being the only manufacturer with a background in the medical and health sector, we offer our Panacool customers the use of an exclusive no-cost medical helpline which enables access to our extensive network of doctors/physicians. Free of charge!

This means you can give each customer/guest/patient/user an immediate and competent medical answer to any question. That makes a great impression as well as increasing your know-how. And above all, it highlights your reliable and proficient service!

Doctors Helpline

Studien-Hotline – Zugriff zur internationalen Studien-Bibliothek

There are already plenty of studies worldwide on whole-body cryotherapy -110°C. According to studies, only this peak temperature achieves “healing effects” and new research results are continually being added, especially in the fields of medicine, sports and beauty.

More and more demanding providers and users – which are increasing, are asking more frequently for valid “proof of efficacy” and effectiveness of cryotherapy -110°C. Specifically, they want to know whether the claims are backed up by studies. For example, the 18% (!) increase in performance in sports, the 60% possible reduction in medication for pain patients, the new findings on strengthening the immune system, and much more.

As a Panacool customer you can score extra points! By using the free and exclusive helpline, you can reach out to the experts who offer immediate and extensive information from their international study database. Show your service in a real positive light at no extra cost!

Medical & Research Helpline

Marketing support

With our marketing support, we will analyse your target market field and assess the potential for you. That way, your USP will have success at a faster pace.

On request, you will also receive a marketing plan from us. This will help you to identify, attract and retain cryotherapy users and customers in the three large target groups of medicine, sport and beauty. We also provide you with responsive public relation and advertising material.

And furthermore, you will also receive invaluable information “from the field” about the feasible and achievable therapy prices, as well as information on possible income generating partnerships within close proximity to you.

Our Values:

Our service doesn’t just end with the delivery of your cryocabin, not with us!! For us that is just the beginning and the opportunity to further our collaboration by offering you the additional support of the doctor and study helplines along with our excellent marketing support!

Technical Top Service

Advanced technology needs expert technical service! Even if faults occur in an area outwith our control (such as internet connection, power supply, air conditioning, etc.) and this leads to downtime, we try to be on the spot as soon as possible!

Our technical and installation teams are also always available to answer any questions you may have, and our customers have access to their own technical service helpline which can be contacted nearly at any time.

24/7 Service Helpline

Security through a one-stop solution

Important to Consider – In this new and rapidly growing health sector, there are things to consider and think about that will be new and unfamiliar to you. After a cryocabin purchase, the customer is usually left alone to take it from there. Immediately, and we know from experience, that this is when the first questions arise. What to do? Buyers then try to painstakingly search for possible answers from various sources! That won’t happen with us!

On the “safe side” with Panacool – for all questions that arise!

Panacool International offers you a “one-stop solution” with its medical background – the only manufacturer to do so. This starts with a consultation before the purchase which further extends as far as to support your daily ongoing operations. In addition to the most modern technology and equipment features, Panacool also offers a further wide range of services.

This is what primarily distinguishes us from others: training, education to become a cryo-therapist, 24-hour service, doctors helpline, marketing support, access to the whole-body cryo-medicine study library as well as an annual training congress to convey the latest research finding. These are just some of the incredible Panacool services that can attribute to your path to success. And furthermore, you will discover that we are always willing to hear everyday questions from you and your operators or staff members.

A Bonus for you: A “one-stop solution”, one contact person, for all the questions that you, your staff and operators may have.

Permanent research ensures further development!

Panacool International leads permanent and continual research activity with leading technology, digitalisation and medical partners. The aim is to increase the effect of whole-body cyrotherapy, to maximise user comfort and to research any current trends and benefits that cryotherapy will bring in the fields of medicine, sport and beauty.

Comprehensive advice and support is important to us!
“Cryotherapy -110°C treatments are important for bookings! Our guests are checking for available cryotherapy appointments prior to staying with us”
Horst K., Health Resort Manager

On the “safe side” with Panacool

Advanced clinics as well as many top stars from sports, film and beauty already know about the Panacool secret! With its unique Whole-Body Cryotherapy chambers Panacool makes its “latest health technology” accessible to all!

When investing in this new health sector, it is not only important to have comprehensive advice “before the purchase”, but also ongoing support “after the purchase”. Why? Firstly, you are dealing with advanced technology, secondly you are promoting health expertise and thirdly, in order to become and stay successful you should always keep “up-to-date” with regards to new findings and research.

Panacool International strengths: We are the only supplier with both health expertise and a sound medical background

Panacool is the only supplier in the cryotherapy sector that originates from the medical and healthcare sector (Panaceo International), which includes an extensive network of doctors. A multi-year research alliance consisting of successful medical teams, medical technology, digitalisation, design and insulation specialist companies from Germany and Austria conducted research with the aim of establishing a widely recognised, highly effective and safe whole-body cold therapy (cryotherapy). With the latest technologies and international digitalisation mechanisms, the goal is to become the international market leader in the high performing effective range of -110°C.

Our Values: Our service doesn’t just end with the delivery of your cryocabin, not with us! For us that is just the beginning and the opportunity to further our collaboration by offering you the additional support of the doctor and study helplines along with our excellent marketing support!

Get your USP “and” bring a new revenue source into your business.

For medical centres, medical practices, clinics, sports and rehabilitation centres, beauty clinics, leading health resorts and top wellness hotels, the Panacool whole-body cryocabins -110°C suddenly open up new and quickly accessible opportunities for success. Offer your clients your new Unique Selling Point in the health sector! At the same time, achieve new therapy revenue with this new health experience.

Panacool, in association with the Jakob Hraschan group of companies, has built one of the largest photovoltaic plants in the country, which produces 1.5 gigawatt hours of renewable electricity annually. With a module surface of approx. 9,000 m² and over 5,000 photovoltaic modules, more than 250 households can be supplied with electricity in the future.

“At Panacool, we are particularly proud of the construction of this photovoltaic system, as it fits perfectly with Panacool’s corporate philosophy in terms of both ecology and sustainability” CEO Jakob Hraschan says.

Note: “Our offers on our homepage are not extended to direct consumers but exclusively to businesses. Our products are CE-certified. They are technical systems solely intended to reach a temperature of -110°C in the cryocabins. The use of the cryochamber is determined individually by our clients. Cryochambers are generally known in science to be used to achieve positive health-related effects and are highly effective in the field of medicine, sport and beauty.”

Our cooperation partners