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Planning and Technical Support - Free of Charge

Safety and quality right from the start!

After you have expressed your interest, we offer you the following additional steps without obligation and at no extra cost.

  • Our technicians carry out a room analysis at your premises. Checking the question: Are the dimension requirements for a refrigeration cabin available?
  • We will then draw up an informative scale plan for you, showing the position of the cryochamber unit, with pipes and connections. This plan should assist you in making your decision. It is also free of charge.
  • In addition and at no further cost, we will produce a visualisation for you, in which you can envisage how great your space will look for you and your customers, with the cryogenic cabin installed.

All of this this will ensure that should you purchase the cryochamber, your requirements will be met with complete satisfaction.

With us, quality starts right at the beginning!

Panacool Advantages

Low footprint, simple operation, classic design:
the NEW -110°C “health highlight” at your premises.

Probably the most modern health appliance and feature in your establishment right now. Whether a clinic, doctor’s practice, health resort, top wellness hotel or sports and performance centre: With the new “-110°C health and effect benefits” in 50 diverse application areas, you now have a unique selling point. Take advantage of this new and exciting opportunity with additional income, thanks to cryotherapy treatments.

Get a head start now and present your new “USP” in your range of services, on your homepage, in your advertising, in your newsletters. Take advantage of this emerging megatrend in the health and wellness sector with the most modern cryocentre -110°C, right in your own premises!

Comfortable, effective, powerful:
the exclusive advantages of the Panacool single-user double cryocabin -110°C.

Panacool not only stands for effectiveness, but most of all, a comfortable full-body cryotherapy application at -110°C. Four competitive advantages are undeniable:

  • USP 1: High treatment comfort due to low humidity in the cryocabin.

During the cryotherapy treatment, the human body releases humidity and typically comfort can be affected with the combination of the deep cold and humidity. However, due to the low humidity in Panacool, your treatment and comfort is maximised!
After several years of research and continuous tests, the Panacool “two-cabin-single-person-system” was established as the final product. The pre-cabin has a temperature of -40°C to -60°C and dries the natural existing body moisture in about 20 seconds after entering the cabin. Only then is the main therapy cabin -110°C entered through an internal connecting door. This ensures that even after many consequtive therapies, the treatment comfort is maintained for all users due to the dry and approved Panacool comfort cold. These advantages “cannot” be achieved with a single cabin alone.

  • USP 2: Stable -110°C effective temperature

Due to the interconnecting door between the pre-cabin (down to -50°C) and the main cabin
(-110°C), the effective temperature of -110°C in the main cabin can be maintained even with continuous therapies. This is not possible with single cabins. The effect mechanism is exclusively supported by the temperatures of up to -110 °C in the main cabin.

  • USP 3: “No fan or draught” in the cryocabin

Until recently, fan-generated air movements with unpleasant fans and fog in the cryocabin were used as a standard in the cryocabin market. Panacool International was the first supplier to succeed in developing an effective temperature of -110°C that is not only comfortable and dry, but that also have “no fans”. This Panacool convection cooling technology is also a reason why more and more users now perceive this cryotherapy effective temperature of -110°C as “notably pleasant”. As a result, more customers will be happy and this in turn should generate more bookings and therapy income.

  • USP 4: “Hygienic. Space-saving. Low energy.

Panacool has also reacted to recent health changes and developments (Covid, etc.) and does not offer large cabins for several people. As a result of this, Panacool customers save both energy and space. In terms of hygiene, our customers can be confident this is being taken care of.

The quality advantages

Not only are Panacool customers benefiting from the latest cryotherapy treatment -110°C technology, but more and more customers are also choosing Panacool -110°C because of quality and visual advantages such as:

  • Impressive optic overall impression

A stable and pleasant dry working temperature of -110°C is key to your success. If you now add an eye-catching visual appearance, you are winning. Surely the “most beautiful cryocabin at present”, we hear more and more of our customers say. Get this new “health jewel” into your home or premises straight away!

  • Crystal clear Led light colours

Adjust the colour of the lights to optimize your individual furnishings and environment. The colours are easy to change and are crystal clear.

  • Fivefold glazing and top insulation

The 15 cm thick chamber insulation walls with the latest vacuum insulation will save energy, in addition to our unique high-tech fivefold glazing.

  • Feeling of freedom in the cabin due to extra large glass surfaces

Practical “test runs” have proven that even people who might experience unpleasant feelings in small rooms are surprised by the sense of freedom and space due to the large glass panels.

  • Simple operation

Panacool customers have it easy: The touch-screen operation of the cryocabin via the tablet on the refrigeration cabin was deliberately kept “very simple” and similar to that of a smart phone. In the event of a staff member being absent from the premises, the cryocabin can be operated immediately by someone else who has access.

  • Servicing through remote monitoring

New technologies make this possible: Thanks to advanced digitalisation, your state-of-the-art refrigeration cabin is “remotely monitored and serviced” via the Internet. All you need is an internet connection.

Exclusive equipment

In addition to ongoing research, Panacool International also carries out permanent test trials with various target groups. During this, exclusive additional equipment is subject to “practical tests” in the company’s own show and test centre as well as on customers’ individual premises. On one hand it assists with the comfort of use and on the other hand, increases the health benefit.

Panacool High-End Sound and Communication-System

More and more studies show that music has a great influence on the autonomic nervous system. It has been proven that playing music prior to treatment increases relaxation, balance and also increases the release of endorphins (feel good hormones). In fact, anxiety is significantly reduced.

This additional Panacool equipment contains high-end Bose Bluetooth headphones incl. a wide range of music recommendations for selection. This makes the cryotherapy health experience even more comfortable and effective. Hygiene is also taken into account here, as disposable headset covers are already included.

High-end Bluetooth Bose headsets with a great music selection for an even better experience. Easy control via the tablet at the cryocabin

Panacool digital display timer

The sophisticated design of the Panacool digital visual timer not only gives every user in the cryocabin an exact time indicator, but also fits perfectly into an impressive overall visual ensemble.

Background: Panacool surveyed the “needs of the users” in over 500 test applications with different target groups. Over 90 % of those tested communicated the need for knowing the therapy duration time in the cabin. Panacool responded to this by producing the digital view timer with its beautiful design. Every user in the Panacool -110°C cryocabin therefore has the “remaining time” in view at all times!

The Panacool  AirQ Aroma-Flex

The AirQ Aroma-Flex impresses with its minimalist style and fits neatly into any space. Underneath the shell, however, is a state-of-the-art fragrance technology that creates a concealed aroma cloud around the Panacool cold room area. Easy to operate, all you need is a power socket. The package includes two “Ice Wonderland” aroma fillings.

To Note: an individual atmosphere is immediately created on each treatment using a coordinating fragrance!

Fragrances are and remain subtle triggers in the brain that no guest, no customer and no operator can deny. It has been scientifically proven that targeted scent marketing not only offers measured increase in feel-good atmosphere, but also significantly increases the willingness to repeat the cryotherapy treatments.

The individual scent is directly linked to your brain in the cryotherapy room. You therefore create an additional authentic brand awareness with high recognition value. In addition, targeted scent marketing prevents unpleasant smells or a negative experience.

The natural fragrance combination “Ice-Wonderland” , developed exclusively for Panacool International by a fragrance laboratory, also contains along with other scents, the antibacterial lemon balm and cinnamon as well as the disinfecting peppermint aroma.

Baron Dr. med. Wolf-Dietrich von Bessing
In addition to numerous medical management positions in Germany and Austria, he is also author of the book “Zukunft Ganzkörper Kälte-Medizin -110° (The Future of Whole-Body Cryotherapy -110°C).
Cryo Timeframe – – the individual therapy duration!

“Personalised medicine” reaches reality: The new healthcare software “Cryo-Timeframe” by Dr. med. Wolf-Dietrich von Bessing (Member of Panacool International Scientific Board) calculates on the basis of the input of the 4 parameters:

  • Weight
  • Size
  • Age
  • Gender

These parameters calculate the “individual” treatment time for each user. Each user therefore receives the correct therapy duration taking into account their own statistics. The advantage: Cryotherapy -110°C is not only comfortable for everyone but also effective to each individual body! Dr. von Bessing has many years of experience in whole-body cryo-medicine -110°C and is continually researching further development areas in this progressive study project.

This fact contributes to making the correct decision in opting for the one-person double-chamber system -110°C from Panacool. Added to this are the hygienic advantages of not sharing a cabin with several people. Another plus of space and energy saving!


Close-up Of A Businessperson's Hand Using Calendar On Digital Tablet
NEU: App Cryo-Reserve“

Reservations made easy: Your guests, customers, patients can all use the Panacool App to immediately book their desired cryotherapy -110°C appointment. It’s really easy to use: Open the app, select the desired date and time and reserve or “click”. You will immediately receive your reservation confirmation. Convenient, time-saving and simple for you and your customers! Your employees will also have an overview of appointments at the touch of a button!


Contactless Disinfection Dispenser

Extremely hygienic. Beautiful design. Can be placed anywhere! With its eye-catching design, your contactless disinfectant dispenser is visible to everyone. Thanks to the combination of a steel base and light steel stand, the column is stable, but at the same time easy to move. The integrated refill container in the column head allows you to change your disinfectant.

Technical data of the WBC cryocabin

Temperature antechamber
-40°C to -60°C
Temperature in the main chamber
-110° C
Power connection: 400 V, 50 A
Room temperature in the installation room: max. 24°
Distance between cabin and unit: up to 6 m
Volume of the unit 60 dB (with lightweight construction 30 dB)
Rel. room humidity: max 50 %
Electricity consumption: 18 kW/h
Dimensions (L x B x H cm): 230 x145 x 237
Weight of the chamber: Approx 500 kg
Weight of the unit: Approx 850 kg
Internet-Connection 4 MB