Megatrend and "Booking-Promoter"

Today, health has attained a “remarkable significance” for everyone. In over 50 areas of applications (in medicine, sport, beauty), most people are more than likely to seek out one or more treatments or therapies beneficial to their health. According to an increasing number of experts, the whole-body cryotherapy -110°C will develop into a sustainable and viable megatrend in the health sector.

Important to know! Some Panacool customers already report that their guests/customers/patients are booking their stay dependent on available appointments for cryotherapy -110°C treatments.


50 application and effect areas - Three significant target groups!

The question stands – why will whole-body cryotherapy  -110°C develop into a megatrend? Quite simply, more and more people in the three growing target groups of  medicine, sport and beauty are seeking these new treatments! 

In each of these individual target group areas, the new whole-body cryotherapy -110°C offers advice and support. It is already being used successfully for many disorders and medical conditions! Subsequently, positive and immediate achievements have been demonstrated in performance-enhancement and in the promotion of beauty. In total, more than 50 application areas can already be covered, which means that a high recurrence of therapy can be expected.

Latest News: Benefits for the immune system, as well!

In addition to the high number of application areas, renowned doctors also highly recommend “3 min” whole-body cryotherapy -110°C treatments to “train” your immune system and strengthen your defense system against various types of infections! In accordance with proven studies, the advantageous temperature of -110°C is powerful to the whole body!

The demand is continually increasing! Take advantage of your new opportunities and benefit from them now!

Here you can see an excerpt of how many areas of application the whole-body cryotherapy -110°C is already showing benefits in:
Areas of application Whole-Body Cryotherapy -110°C*

*taken from international study libraries, as well as the official book of publications “Die Kraft der Kälte” (“The Power of Cold”) and “Zukunft Ganzkörper Kälte-Medizin -110°”- (“Future Whole-Body Cryotherapy -110°C”).

Why -110°C?

Over 90 % of all studies shows that only a temperature of -110°C achieves the desired health effects in the areas of medicine, sport and beauty. This news is spreading fast amongst doctors and customers.

Panacool International have consequently specialised in this scientifically-proven “effective -110°C environment” in collaboration with clinics, medical communities, Olympic and Sports centres, rehabilitation facilities and the uppermost advanced health resorts.

Important recommendation: for lasting success, make sure you electively offer cryotherapy at this scientifically proven high-effective temperature!


Your new income generator

The emerging megatrend of whole-body cryotherapy -110°C in the field of medicine, sport and beauty will attract new business and bring extra revenue, especially because there are 50 application possibilities for your customers.

What`s better than this? To have an innovative and cutting-edge health USP in your premises, which also brings new earning potential at the same time! We are happy to advise our clients about the current feasible therapy prices in your geographical area. Due to the short therapy time (3 min), impressive revenues can be obtained!

Medicine, sport and beauty form three of the largest target groups or “customer segments” worldwide today. Regardless of gender and age!

The new -110°C whole-body cryotherapy already delivers “over 50” health benefits in all three areas. for both your current and potential new users.

Purchase made easy:

The Panacool-cryocabins can also be financed through leasing, which supports your capital resources. The leasing instalment can be offset against your cryotherapy income.