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Experience shows that questions always come up! That’s why the exclusive service of Panacool is beneficial to you. Due to the enormity of such large target groups in the medical, sport and beauty industries, it is inevitable that specific and specialist questions directed to you will arise. E.g.: Is the cryochamber suitable for children? What are the age limits? How many treatments for sleep disorders? Should athletes use the cryochamber before or after their performances? How long will the pain relief last? – and much more. With Panacool, you and your customers will get to know all the right answers. We are here for you!

Doctors Helpline

Do you or your client have a medical question regarding cryotherapy, which cannot be answered directly by yourselves? Don’t worry, you won’t be alone and will have our support. Being the only manufacturer with a background in the medical and health sector, we offer our Panacool customers the use of an exclusive no-cost medical helpline which enables access to our extensive network of doctors/physicians. Free of charge! That means you can give each customer/guest/patient/user an immediate and competent medical answer to any question. That makes a great impression as well as increasing your know-how. And above all, it highlights your reliable and proficient service!
Whole-Body Cryotherapy - 110°C

Doctors Helpline

Scientific Helpline - Access to the International Studies Library

There are already plenty of scientific studies worldwide on whole-body cryotherapy -110°C. According to studies, only this peak temperature achieves “healing effects” and new research results are continually being added, especially in the fields of medicine, sports and beauty.

More and more demanding providers and users – which are increasing, are asking more frequently for valid “proof of efficacy” and effectiveness of cryotherapy -110°C. Specifically, they want to know whether the claims are backed up by studies. For example, the 18% (!) increase in performance in sports, the 60% possible reduction in medication for pain patients, the new findings on strengthening the immune system, and much more.

As a Panacool customer you can score extra points! By using the free and exclusive helpline, you can reach out to the experts who offer immediate and extensive information from their international study database. Show your service in a real positive light –at no extra cost!

Whole-Body Cryotherapy - 110°C

Study & Research Helpline